“I’ll make something up” police officer suspended

Lancashire Police have suspended a policeman, quite rightly, after he was filmed ‘threatening to make something up’ so he could arrest a man for breaching coronavirus lockdown laws. Lancashire Police was forced to apologise for the unnamed officer’s behaviour after footage of the incident in Accrington was shared online. Tonight they have confirmed he has been suspended from duty with immediate effect and the force has referred itself to the police watchdog over the clip.  There have been widespread calls for the officer to be dismissed from the force and also prosecuted. There is no place in a modern police force for this type of officer, unless we really have moved into the parallel reality of a 1984 Police State, but it is yet another example of the failures in selection, training and ethics of the current British Police Force which this pandemic lockdown has brought into severe focus…. the great work being done by the vast majority of officers is being undermined, and the reputation of the police tarnished, by a handful of officers who during the Great Lockdown have become self appointed offices of the Ministry of Truth on Airstrip One.

Source : Daily Mail


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