Must you stay at home or else?

According to the BBC, Boris has issued instructions that we must all stay at home and Boris Johnson says coronavirus is “biggest threat [UK] has faced for decades”….actually, his panicking measures, in an attempt to hide the fact that repeated Governments have run the NHS into the ground so that there is no spare capacity even in normal times, don’t exist.
It is claimed that there are new curbs on movement include shopping only for basic goods and a ban on gatherings including only one permitted period of exercise per day has no basis in law and his claim that Police will be given powers to enforce restrictions, including by fines isn’t backed up in the Corona Virus Bill.

Is this yet another example of Big Bad Boris getting poor legal advice again….just like he did with Brexit …..and much of his claims will be deemed without powers ….Will the claims be overturned by the Supreme Court in due course?

The Chancellor has agreed to pick up 80% of the salary of furlowed workers up to certain limits but has left the self-employed high and dry in the most surprising move ever…… He faces millions of self-employed businesses going bust and core conservative voters turning their backs on the Tories forever…yet where is the Chancellor’s help for self-employed? If you’re a civil servant unable to work you get the 80% of salary up to the limit of salary of £2,500 per month, but only sick pay for you if you’re self employed.

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